Forgive me doctor, for I have sinned.

I have been quite good. Honest. I just haven’t been as good as I should have.  I know and accept this, and have been gradually making changes and doing things better.  But, its when someone else talks to you about it that it hits home, and there’s a feeling of shame, sadness, disappointment in myself, but also determination that kicks in.

After the trauma of the last couple of years, my GP, who is lovely really, gave me a telling off about my weight and warned me that I must do something about it now, before its too late (I’m not as young as I was etc!) My blood pressure is apparently raised, although I suspect that might in part be the stress of the situation to be honest!


So its crunch time I guess,   I have to knuckle down and really sort myself out.  As I said I’ve been working towards it, but I need to really, really work now. I am setting myself some health and fitness goals, and also starting up my system of achievements and rewards again – more on that to follow.

So, to start with my plan about goals. I am aiming to lose 8lb by my next visit to the doctors on the 2nd May. That’s totally achievable, even though Easter is in the middle of that time, I can count in any chocolate I do decide to have. The thing I want to really work on is my fitness, I think (though I’m not an expert) that should help me to lower my blood pressure quickest. I’m going to try to work out aims each week but also at the start of each month – luckily it’s the 1st today!

So Weekly Aims:

  1. Incorporate 7 portions of fruit and veg a day. This shouldn’t be too difficult really, but I want to try lean more to veg than fruit.
  2. In the next 7 days I want to incorporate an average of 60 minutes a day. Its going to be a difficult week but I want to do my best to let things overtake me to the degree I stop again
  3. Plan plan plan! Scrap my menu planner to date and start from scratch.  Plan ahead and then update to reflect what I’ve actually had!
  4. This coming weeks weight loss mini goal is 2lb

And the monthly aims!

  1. By the end of April I want to lose 8lb
  2. I want to be able to swim 40 lengths in one session, it doesn’t matter how long it takes!
  3. I will be able to complete 15 minutes of squats/lunges without looking like I’m 90 the next day!
  4. Complete my food diary/planner every day

It’s not too much I think, but I will aim to stick to it.


As for aims and rewards, I’m going to work out key losses, or fitness goals, to work towards and then think of an associated reward. None food related!      I’ll pop the list up when I’ve worked it out, I’m still thinking it over!


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