Minor Injuries and Minor Progress

After a trip to the chiropractor for a niggling pain in my shoulder I’m left feeling a bit battered and bruised! I was instructed to take it easy with the swimming over the weekend so limited what I did. Its still a bit sore, but much better (The wonder that is BioFreeze also helping!)

I’ve started my running training, and am suitably rubbish, but I’ve increased from 30 second bursts to 90 seconds, so that some (minor) improvement.

On a more disappointing note, I’m returning my lovely FitBit Flex fitness band. Battery life is just rubbish, and I’m tending to not wear when the battery goes because I forget to charge it! After a fair bit of research I’ve decided to go for the Garmin Vivofit. Its not the prettiest of offerings (although it is available in purple – yay!), but 4 words have sold me on it …. one year battery life! The added bonus is that there’s a visible display to track progress rather than having to sync it up and look at the phone to see steps etc, plus it will integrate with my cycle computer. I’ll post my thoughts on it when I’ve had a play for a few days.

Todays food plan –
BF – Weetabix (HEB), skimmed milk (2 syns)
Lunch (Main Meal) – Gnocchi (5 Syns), Mushrooms, Brocolli, Phili sauce (3 syns)
Afternoon Snack (Pre Workout) – Melon & Activia Snackpot
Dinner – Fajita vegetables, griddled halloumi Skewers (2 X HEA)

Workout Plan
AM Aqua fit – disappointing workout but at least I was moving
PM Short Swim, 1 Hour Cardioblast
Todays “Challenge” exercises – 20s Plank, 24 x Crunches, Squats Rest, 11 x Jump Squats, 24 x Star Jumps


6 challenges in 12 months.

So I feel that preparing to do a triathlon without doing any other competitive/fun races of any type first might be a bit ambitious, so I’ve decided to build up to it. So here goes:

8th September – 19th September – Aspire Channel Swim. Well sort of! Basically swim the 22 miles in the pool. Its meant to be over 12 weeks but that would be way too easy so I’m aiming to do it in 5 or 6. 1408 lengths – how hard can it be!!!

18th October – Run or Dye. A 5k race where you get covered in paint every 1k. What’s not to love!

January 2015 – 24 Hour Sponsored Swim – details to follow but I’ve been asked to do this and I think its a sort of tag team effort. Curiously over a 24 hour period.

8th March – Lydd Half Marathon – location wise its perfect, and a good interim for the London in 2016 (hehehehehe)

Spring 2015 – 3 Hills Killer – This is unofficial, but basically its a Cycle Festival Event which is 13 miles long and involved (wait for it) 3 hills. This isn’t an organised thing, more just a personal challenge.

September 2015 – TRIATHLON! Pool Swim 400m – Bike 25km – Run 5km. That is all!

A bit of a change of blog

I’ve decided rather than focusing on the diet side for the blog, I’m going to turn it more into a fitness blog – I have a couple of thing to aim for, the first is the Run or Dye race on 18th October – 5k, which you can walk, but it looks like I may have company so I need to be able to run it by then!

I’m restarting my plank/crunch challenge in the morning as I had to stop due to a damaged shoulder, and want to try and do it twice a day instead of once!

Watch this space!!

Back to blog ….

Yet another long gap, and there will probably be more too, but I’ll make an effort anyhow!

The diet/weight loss hasn’t been going swimmingly, but the gym bunny conversion upgrade is nearly complete.  So much so I’m slightly panicking that I’ve got 4 days where the leisure centre is closed! 

I’m thinking I might try running again, outdoors first thing before it’s too hot I think.  I really need to work on my running, although I am ok on the bike, the running is going to be the biggest challenge.

 I’m also setting myself a bit of a challenge, this is going to be done as well as any other exercise I do!  I was looking at doing the 30 day shred but on days when I’m doing a load of other activity this would just be too much, so instead I’ve devised my own variation on the 30 day abs/squat/plank challenges that’s going around.  It’s a combination of them all and designed to try and increase my stamina.  I will be going back to boot camp on either the 4th (if my gym buddy wants to go on her birthday!) or the 11th, so this time scale looks good to me!  The plan will be first thing in the morning, and if I have days like this weekend, I want to do it in the evening too.  So here it is – the newly converted gym bunny 30 day challenge!!



30 days