Back to blog ….

Yet another long gap, and there will probably be more too, but I’ll make an effort anyhow!

The diet/weight loss hasn’t been going swimmingly, but the gym bunny conversion upgrade is nearly complete.  So much so I’m slightly panicking that I’ve got 4 days where the leisure centre is closed! 

I’m thinking I might try running again, outdoors first thing before it’s too hot I think.  I really need to work on my running, although I am ok on the bike, the running is going to be the biggest challenge.

 I’m also setting myself a bit of a challenge, this is going to be done as well as any other exercise I do!  I was looking at doing the 30 day shred but on days when I’m doing a load of other activity this would just be too much, so instead I’ve devised my own variation on the 30 day abs/squat/plank challenges that’s going around.  It’s a combination of them all and designed to try and increase my stamina.  I will be going back to boot camp on either the 4th (if my gym buddy wants to go on her birthday!) or the 11th, so this time scale looks good to me!  The plan will be first thing in the morning, and if I have days like this weekend, I want to do it in the evening too.  So here it is – the newly converted gym bunny 30 day challenge!!



30 days


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