Minor Injuries and Minor Progress

After a trip to the chiropractor for a niggling pain in my shoulder I’m left feeling a bit battered and bruised! I was instructed to take it easy with the swimming over the weekend so limited what I did. Its still a bit sore, but much better (The wonder that is BioFreeze also helping!)

I’ve started my running training, and am suitably rubbish, but I’ve increased from 30 second bursts to 90 seconds, so that some (minor) improvement.

On a more disappointing note, I’m returning my lovely FitBit Flex fitness band. Battery life is just rubbish, and I’m tending to not wear when the battery goes because I forget to charge it! After a fair bit of research I’ve decided to go for the Garmin Vivofit. Its not the prettiest of offerings (although it is available in purple – yay!), but 4 words have sold me on it …. one year battery life! The added bonus is that there’s a visible display to track progress rather than having to sync it up and look at the phone to see steps etc, plus it will integrate with my cycle computer. I’ll post my thoughts on it when I’ve had a play for a few days.

Todays food plan –
BF – Weetabix (HEB), skimmed milk (2 syns)
Lunch (Main Meal) – Gnocchi (5 Syns), Mushrooms, Brocolli, Phili sauce (3 syns)
Afternoon Snack (Pre Workout) – Melon & Activia Snackpot
Dinner – Fajita vegetables, griddled halloumi Skewers (2 X HEA)

Workout Plan
AM Aqua fit – disappointing workout but at least I was moving
PM Short Swim, 1 Hour Cardioblast
Todays “Challenge” exercises – 20s Plank, 24 x Crunches, Squats Rest, 11 x Jump Squats, 24 x Star Jumps


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