If you have nothing nice to say ….

It amazes me that people think it’s ok to make comments about random strangers. Yes, I’m a plus sized runner/cyclist, that doesn’t make me fair game. From the humorous to the downright nasty, the people who make the comments are not the ones you would expect. Generally it is ladies of a certain age, usually with a random dog, or a grand child who then will go on in life thinking that its ok to say something nasty because someone is fat. At least I’m trying!

I was terrified the first time I ran again – and I use the word “run” only because there isn’t really a word that covers the wheezing, red, staggering lope that I adopted the first time – and was so pleased that literally no one saw me (going out at 6:30am on a rural cycle path will help with that one). On the one occasion that I’ve gone evening running I saw a group of young lads, who nodded at me, I hope in a sort of admiration that the fat girl had got off her arse and was actually moving. Those are the sorts I would expect the nastiness from, not the respectable elderly.

On the flip side, it has surprised me how supportive and encouraging the people you would least expect are. From the people who run the classes and gym, to total strangers who presumably one day were as unfit as I am. The upshot is that even if people want to level criticism at me, even if I run at a snails pace and struggle up hills on my bike, even if I look ridiculous and red bouncing up and down doing jacks in a class, at least I’m doing them!


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