Fitness clothes and large behinds

Its starting to dawn on me that there is a real conspiracy against overweight people trying to get fit. I have some really comfortable yoga pans and joggers that I wear religiously (actually bought from Sainsburys!) but as I am slowly (very slowly) shrinking I’ve been looking round for replacements. The problem with the full length trousers is that as your belly shrinks, they seem to get longer and as someone who can fall over standing still, its best to avoid trailing hems when doing lunges!

So far, the only mainstream brands I can find that offer real fitness clothes for larger women is Evans (expensive, frankly not that nice to look at and sometimes questionable quality) and M&S. I would love to see larger sizes in sports shops. Given everyone is so quick to criticise people who are overweight, it would be good to see some of the sportswear firms supporting people who try!


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