Heavy weights and heart attacks

So personal progress first. I’ve now got an awesome gym plan going on, higher levels on the cardio machines, so I’m sweating within about 3 mintues of getting in the gym, and I’ve been introduced to the dual mutli pulley. I slightly love that machine! It feels like a huge jump from where I was to using big boys weight machines! The idea is not to build muscles but to develop enough muscle so that I’m burning more fat even when I’m not exercising.

I’ve also started the sponsored swim. 70 lengths down, only another 1349 to go! Also got my 1 ½ stone certificate at group, so great as far as al that is going.

On to the less positive. Last Thursday my mother had a minor heart attack. Great shock all round, and a proper kick up the backside for all of us and a chance to really make a lifestyle change. Whilst I am really pushing myself and making an effort, I have been thinking for a while that I need to clean up my diet a lot, and eat a lot less processed and convenience food. As I will be cooking much better for mum, I may as well give my own food an overhaul! Lots more pulses, beans, vegetables and fresh food and a lot less sugar, packed food and nibbles.