Been a bit of an up and down few weeks, with a little gain last week after being unwell (worst cold I can remember and still coughing 3 weeks later!)

Tonight I ache hugely from getting back to exercise properly and doing kettlebells for the first time (in a class that is) last night. I was massively disappointed and upset to have to miss the Run or Dye event at the weekend due to the cough, but I’m going to do the great south run next year instead!

Now to explain the boom … I’ve finally got my 2 stone award with a stonking 4lb loss this week. It is a slow process, with an average of less than 1lb a week since I restarted, but I’m now firmly in the slow and steady camp this time. The loss means I’m 30lb down which is something I’m very proud of! To be honest, my clothes are all quite loose, and I’m probably going to have to do a wardrobe refresh soon I think.

In other news, I have a new bike which is frankly awesome! I love it! After trying a bike with thumb shift gears on holiday I realised that it made SUCH a difference. Sadly I seem to inadvertently go very past, but I love it, it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to whizz along at speed, knowing I’m burning calories as I go too! We did about 20 miles on Sunday, and I didn’t even hurt too much after! I’m thinking we could go a different route this weekend and I could be bought lunch ….

Week ahead … 3 BLT+ classes, 1 bootcamp and another kettlebell plus several swims, and I’m aiming to run a couple of times!!


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