The Running Bug

In a moment of complete idiocy, or possibly divine inspiration, I’ve signed up to do the great south run. October 25th, 10 miles. I’m going to confess I’m terrified, to the point of panicing a little. I’ve run so little lately, and I’m so slow and frankly quite rubbish.

I restarted the C25K app last week, at week 3, just to try build up again. I managed to do the second run last night, and didn’t notice that the last run was twice the length, so that must be a good thing?   The plan is I will be up to running none stop for 5k by the end of April, and then I’ve got 6 months to build up from 3 and a bit miles to 10 – how hard can it be eh??

In the meantime, I’m going to try and proteinise my food, maybe have more regular refuelings of smaller portions, and try hard to be more obsessive about it. I might be boring the people that love me by going on about food, nutrition and exercise – hopefully they won’t mind.

Todays exercise, an hours circuit training at 7am. Officially gone insane. At one point I thought I would throw up, and I did wuss out a couple of time and go for an easier option, but at least I did it! I felt like I had run a marathon, and probably looked like hell, but hey ho!


Bad bunny

It’s March already!  It is literally months since I blogged, and to be honest I feel like my exercise and healthy eating plan has been almost as lax as that.  I have only run three times this year, and we’ve not been out on our bikes since New Years Eve.  The swimming pool has been closed for a week, so no swimming and all my good intentions to run or gym instead have been ignored.  I will be honest and say I think its only by sheer luck that I’ve actually lost weight.

This is my kick up the butt blog post.  I will get moving, I will eat better and I will do it from this minute!  Planning blog to follow!