Rebooting ….

I’ve taken a couple of weeks to regroup my food regime. I’ve been slipping gradually and wanted to take some time to sort myself out properly. I am fully expecting a weight gain this week (potentially huge, I’m thinking 6ish pounds), but I will be getting a new book and its going to be a blank page, fresh start, firm line drawn in the sand!

I’ve got to really push myself on the exercise front, I have been lax, and I have really fallen behind a lot. I haven’t swum much, a LOT less than I had intended, and as for running, meh!   I have made a random and drastic decision. The likelihood of anything coming of it is less than remote, but I’m going to enter the ballot for the 2016 london marathon. If I can do 10 miles in October, I would hope that I’d be able to run double that 6 months later, regardless how slowly I do it.  If I can’t get into the London, I will try for the Brighton one

In the meantime, BLT, HIIT, Circuits, and a lot more gym time is an essential, together with decent food, and a proper kick up the backside!


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