Must …. Find …. Motivation ….

I’ll admit it, I’m really really struggling to find the motivation to do the right thing, eat the right thing and actually get off my arse and move.

Its SO easy to find an excuse, and just slip a little bit off from my plans, and that’s that, gone for the day.  I’m working on it, and trying hard to stay motivated.  I’m planning on a proper exercise plan, one that’s not too daunting, and almost like starting from scratch.



Day 2 on it

I’d like to say day 1 went well, but it was a tad up and down.  Not enough food (an unexpected overtime shift was to blame) and no gym trip (ditto the overtime) but at least I didn’t go madly over with food when I got home to compensate!

The plan for today:

Breakfast – 35g Weetabix Chocolate Protein Crunch with 100ml Milk (6 syns)

Lunch – Salad veg, celery, fat free hummus, cottage cheese, ryvita and 30g cheese.

Dinner – Quorn low fat sausages, mashed potato and roast cauliflower (lovely recipe by the way!)

Treatwise I was thinking perhaps a mini magnum this evening.   I can’t get to the gym or swim today, but intend to take the hell dog for a reasonable walk.    Update on if I stick to this plan to follow!


Have treated myself to a couple of new boxes of Teapigs – these I’m not massively keen on but they’ll go in my infusion bottle.  The fruit ones are a different matter though, yum!

2016-03-17 11.05.56


9 months since my last post

So, a whole 9 months has gone past since I last posted.  A massive amount of things have changed, most of them for the better.  I’m now employed part time, rather than self employed.  And in a rather drastic shock change, I’m now a qualified life guard and swimming teacher.  Nope, didn’t see that coming myself either!

Sadly I’m still REALLY struggling with my weight and exercise, and lately have been increasingly down about it.  I would say I’m about as unhappy with myself as its possible to be at the moment, and something has to change.

I was incredibly lucky and managed somehow to get a ballot place in this years London Marathon but have had to make the heart breaking decision to defer until next year after yet another injury to my knee.  I will manage it next year though, I’m very very determined.

I’ve decided to resurrect this blog in the hopes of also resurrecting my determination to become fit, leaner and healthy.  I’m going to aim to post a weekly food diary and exercise log.

The aim is that in time for the London Marathon 2017 I will be at my target weight, and I’ll manage to run it in a respectable amount of time.