6 challenges in 12 months.

So I feel that preparing to do a triathlon without doing any other competitive/fun races of any type first might be a bit ambitious, so I’ve decided to build up to it. So here goes:

8th September – 19th September – Aspire Channel Swim. Well sort of! Basically swim the 22 miles in the pool. Its meant to be over 12 weeks but that would be way too easy so I’m aiming to do it in 5 or 6. 1408 lengths – how hard can it be!!!

18th October – Run or Dye. A 5k race where you get covered in paint every 1k. What’s not to love!

January 2015 – 24 Hour Sponsored Swim – details to follow but I’ve been asked to do this and I think its a sort of tag team effort. Curiously over a 24 hour period.

8th March – Lydd Half Marathon – location wise its perfect, and a good interim for the London in 2016 (hehehehehe)

Spring 2015 – 3 Hills Killer – This is unofficial, but basically its a Cycle Festival Event which is 13 miles long and involved (wait for it) 3 hills. This isn’t an organised thing, more just a personal challenge.

September 2015 – TRIATHLON! Pool Swim 400m – Bike 25km – Run 5km. That is all!