Day 2 on it

I’d like to say day 1 went well, but it was a tad up and down.  Not enough food (an unexpected overtime shift was to blame) and no gym trip (ditto the overtime) but at least I didn’t go madly over with food when I got home to compensate!

The plan for today:

Breakfast – 35g Weetabix Chocolate Protein Crunch with 100ml Milk (6 syns)

Lunch – Salad veg, celery, fat free hummus, cottage cheese, ryvita and 30g cheese.

Dinner – Quorn low fat sausages, mashed potato and roast cauliflower (lovely recipe by the way!)

Treatwise I was thinking perhaps a mini magnum this evening.   I can’t get to the gym or swim today, but intend to take the hell dog for a reasonable walk.    Update on if I stick to this plan to follow!


Have treated myself to a couple of new boxes of Teapigs – these I’m not massively keen on but they’ll go in my infusion bottle.  The fruit ones are a different matter though, yum!

2016-03-17 11.05.56