Links, blogs & bits of interest

I’ve come across some very inspiring, interesting and informative blogs and pages in my quest to actually get fit, so thought listing them may be helpful. The easiest C25K site I’ve found Great reference site for swimmers of all levels, great tips on stroke, catch, pull through, breathing, kicking, in fact pretty much everything! Julie who runs The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running is a huge personal idol of mine. She is incredibly inspirational, motivated, dedicated and writes really well too! Awesome site for slimming world recipes and food ideas. This woman started at 43stone 5.5lb and has so far lost just under 21 stone. Jaw droppingly amazing! Baby sister of the tough mudder – thinking I might give it a go. Insane as it sounds, this is probably my ultimate goal. I want to be at a level where I can do this within 5 years max!


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